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I cannot tell a lie....well maybe small ones...well ok....yes I can lie...But not about this......

.....OSYRAS.COM serves absolutely no useful purpose other than to house my picture galleries and to get the word out to the people I need to (in other words waste bandwidth).

So...the saga begins with my Wife, Emily, she is a wicked cool person (sorry..drudging back to the 80's there) who really knows how to get her rocks off....(she is a Geologist...so get your mind out of the gutter!!!)  If you want to learn more about her, please click on her name....

.........The saga continues....I am Osyras, real name=unimportant - well - no one really cares and anyone who matters knows what it is.  I have been using Osyras as an alias for several years (too many to count) and as you can see - spell it kind of uniquely. It originated from an old C.S. Lewis novel in which a reference was made to Osiris from the planet Mars, having been a few years since U read the novel i made up my own concoction of a spelling and it has stuck.

If you want to see any pictures...look below and you shall see what I have to offer.


***NEW***(Aug 21)

Recently an F2 tornado ripped into the Fergus area and unfortunately my best friend’s parents (a.k.a. my wife’s aunt and uncle) had their barns/farm stuff and the roof of their house ripped off.  Luckily they had a lot of help from the community immediately after it all went down and they are well on their way to recovery.  For pictures please click here for frames and here for no frames.   Also if you want to see a QTVR Panoramic of the property, click here.

What page would be complete without a set of Wedding Photos?

Every web site has an area with misc. pictures of this that and the other thing...so whys hould i be any different?
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Believe it or not - Someone deemed us fit to be pet owners (i know...whodathunkit?)  So here are some nifty pictures of them there pets that we own.

First here are some pictures of Lucky and a friend.  This is before we got her.

Lucky is our second dog (Madeline being our first - and you can see her in the this that and the other thing gallery aswell)  Lucky is a pure bread (as far as we know)Parsons Jack Russell, talk about a handful and a half.  But we love her very much and is one of the most affectionate dogs (in her own way)
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Just a minute ago I said that Lucky was the most affectionate dog in the world...I kinda lied, but I can admitthat...)  In reality - Madeline is.  She is part Jack Russell Terrier and part Chihuahua - she was probably a cat in a former life....again- please see above pictures.

The next set is of 4dogs, First there is Madeline, then there is Lucky, another Parsonsjack named Buddy (whom we think are brother and sister...but seriously unconfirmed) and Nicky (not sure what bread she is....)  Anyway to see Lucky and Buddy together and play - you would swear they where soul-playmates.
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There comes a time in everyone life when they take the big plunge...and since i am already married the only otherthing os to sell your soul to the devil...otherwise known as the bank -with hopes that one day the money pit you bought known as a house willone day in fact be yours.  Yes...We bought a house....we have a couple of galleries for this so here they are....

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more to come....

Well as my anniversary was in October, I went to Vancouver.  Well not because it was an anniversary trip, but Emily was working there - so hey - why not go there.  I would rather be there than here....if you understand....anyways here are the pictures..some are not so good (digital camera takes crappy night pictures)...anyways....
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Miscelaneous Stuff:
A program that I like to use sometimes is RealVNC.  You can downloadthe viewer from www.realvnc.com.  It allows you to connect to a computer remotely....Kinda cool Eh!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns (bear in mind - I really wont care) you can certainly send them to me and I will see what I can do for you.

Last Updated August 21st 2005